Born on March, 7 2013
Nikolai is a Borzoi, a Sighthound breed, and this is the imprint of his adventures!
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After a bath and a short walk, we enjoyed the shade beneath the tree in our courtyard to beat the heat~

Nikolai sniffed about, watched people walking by, chewed on this and that, and made sure to check in every few minutes to make sure that I was still paying attention to him the whole time.

A friendly reminder to brush your Zoi’s butt at least once every other day!

I took a little three day weekend out on the coast, which is rare for me so I really enjoyed it, but Niko’s butt matted while I was away because I forgot to run a brush through it! Had to do some trimming, and I hope it doesn’t look too bad, but he’s mat free, now!

He also needs a bath~ but I’ll get to that tonight. :3